[Huib Fen, VISITING Mr MORANDI (2011)] [1]

If a drop of wine dribbles down the bottle you must lick it off

1. Up in the vines, sweetness in the air, beauty passes, a basket under her arm.
Ripeness carries the promise of joy and its progeny. The wind rumoured amongst the olives knots the vines. They stagger into winter.

Dryness, that made for easy picking, is dust under her step. Snake pits of grapes on the backs of trucks descend. Sourness rises from the town. The trampling has begun.

2. The essence of wine is its residue. The volume of cru is down this year due to the heat wave. Scarcity has heightened both the proof (average 15%) and colour (martyr reds, lime tinted rosé and pure gold white).

The church bell tolls. Silent prayer is the order of the carabineer.

3 Harvest Dream

Up in the hills sweetness in the air
beauty passing a basket under her arm
ripeness carrying the promise
of joy and its progeny

The wind rumored amongst the olives
knots the vines they stagger into winter

The dryness that made for easy picking
is the dust under her step
as she descends to where
the trampling has begun

Sourness rises from the town

Next spring I will drink her in


[1] Foto inviata da A. Young, che aggiunge questa nota.

VISITING Mr MORANDI is based upon photographs and objects from Morandi’s house in Ferrara.

Visual artist and poet Huib Fens started three years ago a new series of paintings on the theme of the work spaces of favourite authors and artists. Last year he changed his painting tools for a computer. That lead to quasi realistic images, digitally recreated and interpreted.

The underlying motif is the desire to dwell in these rooms, to sit and write or paint there. What unites these paintings is the presence of Huib Fens’s own table, chair and notebook. Fear of the block is the sub-plot.

Further information: HUIB FEN.